The most beneficial arrangement for the student is a long-term commitment that allows for their individual growth as they are carefully mentored by the Atelierista staff.

  • The Membership Hours are 6-8pm and give students, grades K-6, an exclusive studio experience with the Atelierista and staff.
  • Hours for Teens (13+) are made by arrangement with our artists in the Atelier (see Level 3 below).
  • The Atelier is open Monday-Thursday, pick and choose your days according to your membership plan.
    *Hours will shift around the holidays.
    *No class during the week of Thanksgiving.

Fall Dates: *On hold until the move in is complete*
Winter Dates: January 7th-March 8th
Spring Dates: March 18-May 17th

We offer a monthly membership with several options:

  • The Give Back Option: We want everyone to have access to our programming. If you're interested in a swap-style membership that helps cover all or a portion of the fees, contact the Director to work out the details. We won't ask any questions about your financial need but just trust that sometimes the best arrangements are those where we help each other through mutual giving and giving back. We need people to take us up on this option, consider yourself invited!
  • $49/month: One student can come up to twice/week to the Atelier. You pick and choose the days to fit to your schedule according to our offerings for their age group. Add $20/each additional student in the same family, different age levels is fine.
  • $99/month: One student can have full access to all the hours (for their age group) of the Atelier. With this option, you have full flexibility to come as often as you’d like on a weekly basis. Students in this category tend to experience the most advancement of their own personal responsibility to their artistic growth. Add $15/each additional student in the same family, different age levels is fine.
  • The Homeschool Option: $39/month for the first student, $49/month for two students, $59/month for three students from the same family, grades 1-6, once per week every Tuesday from 1-3pm.

There are three tiers of instruction for member students at The ArtReach Atelier:

  • Level 1: Designed for elementary grades K-3, Level One includes art-history, media exploration, creative self-expression, cultural appreciation, and much more. Students will build and develop a foundation of skills by learning and working through the Elements and Principles of art including: line, color, space, shape, texture, pattern, and balance with the added layer of Great Art Appreciation.
  • Level 2: Designed for grades 4-7, Level Two includes all of the same learning experiences that Level One offers with the added layer of focused instruction. At this level, students are making connections between what they observe and what they make. They will be led to ask more in-depth questions and seek answers which will inform their development as artists.
  • Level 3: Designed for students ages 13+, Level Three is arranged on a student-by-student basis. Individual needs vary at this level as mastery begins to take root. Contact the Director to discuss your student and we will do our best to design a program that benefits your artist. Programs typically consist of both a once/week mentoring piece with a skilled ArtReach artist and up to 10 hours/month volunteering with The ArtReach organization at The Nest and in the community. Individual program schedules to be determined between the artist and student.
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